20 weeks

20 weeks and I have no comments on how large I am. I have lost perspective. I feel big, but not that big.  Sometimes I think, ooh sure, I can fit through that door that is almost closed. No I can’t. I look in the mirror and think, definitely pregnant, but not scary pregnant.  I am sure that is to come as I have at least 3 months to go.

2o weeks meant an anatomy scan with the perinatologist. An anatomy scan is an extended ultrasound where all of the vital organs and bone structures are checked. They are looking for anomalies or malformations, looking to confirm things are growing according to plan. I am pleased to report that the girls are doing just fine.  They have fully functioning kidneys, hearts, bladders, stomachs, brains etc.  Their bones are growing right on track.  And after much maneuvering we were able to see that they both have lips and nostrils.  I was like.. really? Lips? But this is a check for cleft palate. Neither of the girls appear to have cleft palate.

This scan is long with two babies.  Add to it that it is two babies that are mono/di, they are literally right on top of each other. The ultrasound tech would be in the middle of looking at Twin A’s abdomen and Twin B’s foot would come across the screen blocking everything.  Thanks Twin B.  Fraternal twins are easier to scan because they have their own separate placenta. The have a little more space to work with and aren’t so close to each other. Luckily the twins cooperated for the most part and we got good pictures of everything. I have to go back in two weeks to get more pictures of their hearts because they didn’t come out well. Which, to all doctors out there, when you tell a pregnant woman that her babies’ hearts don’t look good, be clear it means the pictures don’t look good. Way to give someone a heart attack.

I saw another different perinatologist today (it’s a big group of them) and the tech warned me that she is textbook.  The babies hearts are fine, but the pictures aren’t textbook. She wants to see them a bit bigger so they check all of the boxes. Fine by me. We also checked cervix and fluids again today.  Both looking fine.  No signs of premature labor. The tech gave me a picture of my cervix just in case I want to carry it around and show people.  I’ll get right on that.

I did learn that none of the perinatologist reports have made it to my OB because they had my OB listed under the wrong name.  My OB, being who he is, didn’t seem to care. As long as I reported back to him that nothing was amiss, he took my word for it. Needless to say, I rectified that today and will be hand carrying the reports to my OB from this point forward.

Because it was a big scan today Rob came with me. I would love for him to come to all of the ultrasounds with me, but he has a job and that is somewhat necessary to feed these babies.  During this pregnancy he has come to numerous scans and appointments and he is especially skilled at reading the ultrasound screens. He generally is able to explain to me the numbers before the ultrasound tech does. I love my engineer.

As soon to be parents of twins, we both know that there is going to be no “backup parent.”  It is going to be all hands on deck. He gets one, I get the other, then trade.  Rob has been kick-ass at taking this in stride really making me feel like this is going to be a team effort. He’s researching night lights and  white noise machines while I read up on colic and sleep training methods. Then trade. Today he was explaining to me what colostrum is while on the way to the doctor.  I love that society has, by and large, shifted to expect more out of dads than a paycheck, but I can’t say that I imagined Rob any other way.  He wants to know everything about everything. He is approaching fatherhood with the same amount of passion and curiosity that I have always known him to have.

Bump watch, week 20.

IMG_7469Rob calls this my pregnancy yoga outfit.  No yoga was done.



IMG_7482Some housekeeping. Who doesn’t love housekeeping? I am going to be backing the bump updates up to Mondays and start doing a second post on Thursdays. Who’s excited?? This girl!

For one, I used to blog about things that weren’t bump related. I like writing and though I anticipate these girls taking over my life in a major way, they certainly aren’t going to be all I have to talk about. For two, pregnancy and twin stuff is coming pretty fast now.  I can’t fit it all into one post.  This week Rob and I did a tour of the hospital. It was amazing and super informative. I would love to write about it now, but then this post would have been a mile long. We’ve also started dipping our toes into the scary would of parenting books, which I have… many thoughts on. And then there’s parenting in general. I promised a post on raising girls like two months ago.

So, I hope you all don’t mind, it’s going to be Jen times two.

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