15 weeks.. and then some

And I have a cold. Grrr.

On my actual birthday I went out to breakfast with my family.  I received almost exclusively maternity clothes and I have no complaints. I can no longer fit in my jeans and I cannot wear a skirt everyday.  So.. who loves stretchy pants?! Lots of stretchy pants and shirts with “flattering side ruching.” Ha.  After lunch my mom and I went to a maternity store to buy more stretchy pants.  I think I have enough clothes to get me through at least the summer, if not to the end (I hope!).  The evening of my birthday I went out to dinner with friends and then everyone came back and watched movies. It was about the level of excitement I could handle, cold plus pregnancy means exhaustion times a million.  I took Sunday off and did things like.. nap and make my bed.

Monday! Disneyland! Woooo!! We haven’t been to Disney as a whole family in quite a long time.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to ride most of the rides, but I was up for it, and it did not disappoint.  If you are friends with me in the world of Facebook, I apologize for the repeats, but here are just a few photos from the day.

IMG_0191Jill was the official photographer.

IMG_4782The Haunted Mansion broke down while we were on it.  It seemed like a prime time for snacks! My siblings were not amused that I offered them granola while we were on a ride.

IMG_2448Rob and I had our first tigger tail.  Caramel, marshmallow, chocolate, sugar.  It was good, but I couldn’t eat the whole thing – it felt like asking for diabetes.


IMG_8834So, I feel like an idiot but I had to get one of these guys halfway through the day.  I didn’t want to get one, being a firm believer that I have legs, and can walk, and thus should.  But my lower back was spasming so bad by halfway through that I had to do something.  I was just going to get a wheelchair, assuming that they would have a limited number of these guys, but when I saw they had a ton available, I was like, well, why not?! It might have been the most fun ride I got to ride that day.  Pregnant ladies are not welcome on Space Mountain.


IMG_9963First ever turkey leg. I can’t say that I loved it.  I don’t like having to fight my food and it was definitely a battle to eat it, but it did the trick (more on that below).

IMG_8195Rob, however, found his inner caveman and was enamored with it.

IMG_6736Also, I have a younger brother. Who knew?! Jake is home from college for the summer.  He thinks every thing we do is incredibly lame.


We got home last night and I was nearly dead. I took a bath and fell asleep for like 20 minutes. Whoopsie? (the babies are fine, don’t send me hate mail). Needless to say, my cold has not improved and today I am wiped out. So here, they are, some very.. honest.. bump photos.

IMG_2309I have a cold.. pity me. Wahhhh!!!

IMG_7420Hey look, no makeup and I didn’t do my hair. But I am clean! I promise!




So.. turkey legs. My girls are now the size of oranges, or 4.5 to 5 inches. With that, this week has come the need to eat more.  My OB said it wasn’t necessary for the babies, but it has become necessary for me.  I can go from full to starving in the span of a few minutes.  People have asked me regularly how I deal with being pregnant, having had a sleeve gastrectomy (similar to gastric bypass). With my surgery, I can’t consume a lot of food in one sitting.  A half a chicken breast, about a palmful of grains, and about the same of vegetables and I am full. Really full.  And before now, that would keep me okay for 3 to 5 hours.  Well, it doesn’t cut it anymore. I found that out quite painfully over the last week.  I go from being fine to breaking out in a sweat, getting tunnel vision, and feeling faint very quickly.

What is medically happening is my food is going through my system too quickly and my body is not responding well to it. It is much, much worse when I eat something high in sugar.  I have had this happen to me before because of my stomach surgery, but now it happens with such speed and severity it shocks me. Well, this happened at Disneyland and my only option was turkey legs. So, that is what I did. When I feel it happening protein is what I need and, though Disneyland is amazing, it is a lot easier to find sugar than protein.  But turkey legs are pretty easy to find and it did the trick.

This problem with getting enough food is hard on me when I go out, but it just a bit different than the life I have been living since I had the surgery in 2010.  My OB has assured me numerous times that the surgery and my lower level of calories will not harm the girls. They will eat all of the fat in my body before they go hungry.  So what’s the plan? Granola.  Nuts.  Peanut butter.  Bagels. Never being without snacks.  I have actually been living on bagels. Very high in calories. Win!

Oh hey, I gained two pounds!


  1. Ashley says:

    That picture of you gnawing a turkey leg while on a hoover round cracks me up!

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