17 Weeks

17 weeks and it feels like time to write about the BIG and SCARY. Rob and I opted to do the sequential screening for chromosomal abnormalities. This involves two blood tests and an ultrasound to assess risk for Down Syndrome and a handful of other abnormalities. The results don’t give you a positive or a negative result, they give you… odds. Of women with your results, 1 out of 10,000 have birth to a baby with Down Syndrome is what the results read like.  However, my OB and perinatologist take that number and give me a positive or negative result and their opinion on whether further, more invasive, testing should be done.

I had the nuchal screening (ultrasound) and the first blood test at 12 weeks and everything game back normal. At week 15 they took a second blood test.  They combine those results with the first results and today we found out that the second results were normal.  I am so relieved.  I didn’t even realize how worried I was about it until I found out the results today. It feels like, okay, we’ve gotten through that, what’s next? First you worry about miscarriage, then genetic screening, then.. labor?

Honestly, I didn’t seriously consider my options when we decided to do the genetic testing. I know many women weigh their options heavily and many women opt out of it. The results can provide false positives and the accuracy levels vary. Many women that receive results indicating a higher likelihood of abnormalities go on to have perfectly healthy babies.  If you do testing, and what testing you do, is a serious decision.  In my defense, I got my crash course on testing options the same day I found out I was having two babies.  So I went with what my OB wanted and didn’t really think about it again until I was waiting on results. Now we know. Yes, it is just odds and yes there can be inaccuracies, but given that I did two different levels of testing, I feel comfortable with our results. Comfortable enough to move onto the next thing…

The hospital I am delivering at wants us to schedule almost all of our classes prior to the 20 week mark (less than 3 weeks away).  We don’t have to attend before my 20th week, but we have to have it all booked.  Which means I have to decide what classes we need/want to take.  They offer breastfeeding classes, infant CPR classes, bringing home your infant classes, birthing classes, and a tour of the hospital and maternity wing. I know that I want to take the breastfeeding class. Hello, I am going to try to nurse two babies. I definitely want both of us to attend the tour of the hospital.  And infant CPR sounds like a good idea.

The other two I am on the fence about.  It is nearly certain that I will be delivering via C-Section, so I am unsure of whether or not a birthing class will be wasted on us.  I likely won’t need to know how to breathe through contractions or how to push.  However, the birthing class covers who to call/what to do if you go into labor and how Rob can be supportive during the process.  It also covers signs and symptoms of labor.  Those seem like good things to know.. maybe? And then at home with a newborn seems like a good idea, but I would hate for it to be things like.. don’t put your baby underwater and don’t let the cats babysit. Clearly I am going to let the cats babysit.

Onto bump watch..




17 weeks and the girls are onions. Or iPhones, says my other app. I am feeling the feels. Mostly it feels like I have cats rolling over in my stomach but this morning I felt a definite kick or punch. I feel them moving the most first thing in the morning when I am hungry. I feel like.. oh shit.. must eat something.. they need food!!


  1. Sketchiest Friend says:

    The cats may be a better option than some humans I know…

  2. dede says:

    Birthing class was a complete waste of time, in my opinion. And I went natural.

  3. Lauren says:

    There are some great free apps out there that may be more cost and time effective than the classes. Although I recommend CPR and breast feeding for sure! And a tour which you obviously have to “attend” 🙂 you look beautiful, Jen! Ps still have clothes for you next time I see you or Jill….

    • Jenifer says:

      I’m thinking against the birthing and other one.. I definitely will look at apps. I was also going to ask Dr. D, but you never know how he’s going to respond.. and thank you! I’m definitely enjoying being obviously pregnant but not uncomfortable yet.. I know it’s coming.

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