21 weeks

This week the girls have jumped in size.  They are now the size of cantaloupes. Roughly 10 inches long and about 12 ounces.  This is the first week they are measured “crown to heel” rather than “crown to rump” which accounts for their jump in size. Whatever, man. I am just glad they are getting bigger. I have gained about 15 pounds now and am pumped! My stomach feels super tight, but no stretch marks yet.  I am sure they are coming.

On Thursday I saw my OB and we went over labor and delivery again. Aside from him casually mentioning that the hospital I am delivering at might not take my insurance (it does), it was a good appointment.  I asked about weight cut offs for the NICU and how long I can plan on staying. He said, don’t plan on a NICU stay.  They are caucasian girls, they make for the strongest preemies. They are more likely to have developed lungs and be at a higher birth weight. It was great that he was so positive about me taking the girls to term and that the odds are in my favor even though I am high risk. However, he did give me some concrete advice on what I can do to keep the babies in for long as possible:

  1. Don’t work. Check.
  2. No excess physical exertion. Check.
  3. No sex. Well.. I guess.. check. Neat.
  4. Hydration. Check.
  5. Think peaceful thoughts. HA.

Okay, so maybe he didn’t actually say number five, but I am working on it. With this pregnancy I feel like I am flying in the face of most advice.  Gone are the days where women are told to eat for two and sit on the couch.  It is all about staying active and eating just a bit more than normal.  And then there is me, working my ass off to consume as much as possible and trying not to walk too long at the grocery store.  OB filled out the form for me to get a temporary disabled pass for my car today.  I am officially an invalid. Let’s be honest though, I was never a runner or super great at sticking to a workout regime.  It just feels weird that now I am not supposed to be doing any of those things.

I mentioned last week that Rob and I have dipped our toe into the world of parenting books.  I have been told by many wise parents that once your bab(ies) arrive, that all goes out the window and you do what you can to stay afloat. Valid. Seriously. Many twin websites honestly say that the first six months are just about keeping your neck above the water. But, that doesn’t mean I am going to just throw in the towel before the girls even show up on the scene.

So, at my first (and last) visit to a consignment event I picked up two used copies of books I had heard of, Babywise and The Happiest Baby on the Block. A couple of moms recommended The Happiest Baby on the Block so I started with that one.  It seems as if there is very solid advice on how to soothe a baby that I am happy to give a try.  However, it shouldn’t take 40+ pages to get there.  After I wasted an hour of my life reading why babies need soothing, one of my mom friends told me that there is a DVD and that it is shown in a lot of new parent classes.  So, since Rob isn’t a big reader and I get bored easily, we are going to do the DVD of that one.  That is my highly valuable review on that one.

We haven’t started Babywise yet, but we have picked up a couple of other ones that I am about more excited about. We got Twelve Hours’ Sleep by Twelve Weeks Old and The Whole-Brain Child. The twelve hours book was written by a mom of twins and comes highly recommended in twin-land.  The Whole-Brain Child book also came highly recommended and after I read the intro and the first chapter, I knew it would keep me hooked. We also registered for Bringing Up BébéHow to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk, and Raising Self-Reliant Children in a Self-Indulgent World. I am starting the Whole Brain Child book tonight, so I am hoping it goes well. Rob is reading the twelve hour book and his book on first time dads.  I also have my books on twin pregnancy but considering I haven’t had any complications, they are more just references I check from time to time. I know we are going overboard. We are first time parents. And, actually, these will be our last babies too. So, might as well put all of our effort here.

We are more than open to other parenting books (or DVDs!), if anyone has suggestions. I am still on the hunt for good books about raising twins or raising girls. Or raising twin girls. Dare to dream.

Onto bump watch, week 21.


Rob was my photographer this week, there is a reason I have Jill do it. He gets snap happy and takes 50 photos.






image_6I should note that though I included links to all the books, I am not getting any sort of perks or pay for doing that. I just figured it would make your life easier if you wanted to look the book up… that is my official legal disclaimer. so fancy. 

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