24 v. 30

I have started a blog about this several times and stopped half way through, convinced my thoughts on this matter weren’t formed well enough yet to be published out in cyberspace.

Rob and I have been married two and half years. We have discussed children on numerous occasions, but always in a way in which signifies we aren’t planning on having them any time soon. And we aren’t, no reason to get excited. We would like at least one, if not more. We intend to see how the first goes and move from there. I hate when people are like, We want four! I think, what happens if you have the first and think, Whoa Nellie, one is good? I have been told on numerous occasions that only children are freaky. I know of many normal only children. I know of many abnormal only children. I think the jury is still out on that one. But, I digress. For us, one and then move from there.

But, what I have been thinking about lately is, when? When do we do this? I can’t right now. I have a memo due. Really, all of October is bad because we have midterms. I might as well write off all of 1L. And all of law school for that matter. I have been told it is possible to give birth and manage law school at the same time. To this I scoff. I can barely feed myself and manage law school. Rob forgot to make me a sandwich for my lunch today. I ate mashed potatoes, baked cheetos and a diet coke. A well-balanced meal.

So, right after law school? Because every firm wants to hire a pregnant woman. Yes, I know it is illegal to discriminate against pregnant women. I don’t think a law firm would be so stupid as to say, We aren’t hiring you because you are obviously pregnant. We hate babies and all childbearing women. Hello? It is a law firm. You can say it doesn’t happen but it does. Non-pregnant woman is getting the job over me.

So as of right now, I have decided that 31 is the right age. I will have finished law school and *hopefully* have been practicing for 5 years. If we are financially secure, Rob has said on many occasion that he would be happy to be a househusband. I could see him doing it. Eating cheerios at noon with the baby while watching Top Gear. It would work.

I think this has popped into my head lately because I have several women professors and I wonder, do they have families?? How did they do this? Did they have househusbands? I want a baby. Rob and I want children. But I also want to be a lawyer. And I don’t want to be 40 before I have my children. Nor do I want to wait until my child is in school to start working. So for right now, in my 24-year-old brain, 31 seems to be a reasonable plan. But you might want to talk to me again when I am 30.

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