40 before 30 revisited

In the new year I have decided to look back on the list I made last March, 40 things I wanted to do before I turned 30. I have surprised myself and accomplished quite a few of them:

1. Visit a new state each year.

I started this one off with a bang by visiting several states this summer. We did Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New Jersey and DC. This isn’t including the states that we drove through…. It was a fabulous three weeks but it was a long three weeks.

Jess and Jason’s Wedding


Amish Country

Liberty Bell

Washington DC

Next on the list accomplished so far:

11. Invest in legitimate furniture.

13. Properly decorate the space I live.

These two go together because we did them at the same time:

New Shelves

New Artwork

Rob and I got some new artwork and some new frames. I love the “Together We So Rock” poster. We also broke down and bought a TV. Both posters on this wall are from The Poster List. And yes, I am watching Modern Family.

TV Unit

And, to have something to put the TV on, we bought a TV unit. Yes, it is from IKEA, but I love it. It is exactly what we were looking for. I love the little wicker baskets.


These are the photos we put in the bedroom. Rob worked on this all day. Most of these are photos we took during our trips we took together. I love that we have so many photos from places we’ve been together.

And finally…

20. Spend Christmas in a cabin in the woods.

31. Take Rob sledding.

This Christmas we went to Big Bear with my family. We haven’t spent Christmas up there since my grandparents sold their cabin when I was…5? Rob had never been to Big Bear, it was awesome to see him enjoying it. It was really fun to stay in a cabin and go sledding, even though the trip ended in a car accident.

Rob Sledding


Mom and Dad Sledding

Jilli Sledding

Rob cooking dinner

Family Photo

Family photo minus Jake because he didn’t want to come… because that’s Jake.  So that is sledding and the cabin in the wood accomplished.

So, that is a handful of things on my 40 Before 30 done. This year I think feasibly I can handle these:

3. Go on a road trip with my younger brother and sister.

8. Take Rob to the summer camp I grew up at.

17. Drive up the California coast.

18. Go wine tasting.

21. Start 5 new family traditions.

I might be able to get a few more off the list, but I am in law school, so I don’t want to try to overdo it.

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