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We celebrate Christmas twice. Once in the morning with the nuclear family, then once in the afternoon with the grandparents, aunts and uncles. I love my Nana and Grandpa dearly, they are fantastic people. I am planning on naming my first son (if I have a son) after my grandpa.

Over the years the presents from them have gotten weirder. Usually they are 50% weird and 50% pretty cool. I know Nana does all the gift getting, she really is right on target with some things. One of them even made me well up. Here is the list:

Rescue Rangers hoodie

2 cook books (one on how to hide healthy food in not so healthy food!)

A framed 8½ by 11 photo of my grandparents on their wedding day

Holiday Life Savers

A set of matching watches (one for me, one for Rob)

A pen with a light


Amongst many other things, my mom received a funnel cake maker and my dad two boxes of Oreos. Jilli also got a giant pink pillow that was taller than she was.

Christmas isn’t really about getting presents but it will be nice to look back and laugh about the time my dad received and LED flashlight that nearly blinded him (at least he could still taste the Oreos).

Rob and I have less than a week left, I can feel the time growing short. Tonight we are watching The Dark Night as a family, Jake received it for Christmas. Monday is hopefully going to be Knotts Berry Farm, followed by a wedding dress fitting. I really do not want to be heading back to London on Thursday, this is my last time in Southern California for the next two years. Alas. Regardless, I am happy for the time I have here.

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