Monthly Archives: August 2008


Rob and I have our wedding website up and running! We are still updating, but it is on its way!


My passion for books has been reignited over the past month or so. I believe the main reason for this to be that I finally feel free to read – to read whatever I damn well please. I started with some classics that I hadn’t read before. I read and loved Watership Down, was sad that I couldn’t find anything along the same vein after it. I read one of the Redwall books which is similar, but just doesn’t have …


As any of you who are my facebook friends already know, I did not get the job. I am currently applying my ass off. But this post is on a different matter. I am trying to learn to cook a variety of things. I have the basics down. I can make grilled chicken, curry, my own pasta sauce, homemade enchiladas, etc, but I am trying to expand my horizons. Last night I tried pot roast. The recipe called for one …

New Wedding Website

So our old wedding website turned out to be rubbish. We have deleted it. Here is our new one. Cheers!

Out of the Woodwork

So, a few months ago, our wedding was featured here.  And my readership went from like 2 people a day, to about 100 a day.  Which is exciting for me! It is nice to feel like I am talking to people, rather than just myself.  I write because I enjoy it.  It is nice that other people do too! However, I would like to know who some of you are!  And what you like reading about and what you don’t like …

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