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New things

I have been away. Not away from home, but away as in mind wandering. After the applications were sent and scores mailed something started happening. I started getting e-mails from other law schools asking me to consider applying and waiving the $75 application fee. There are two ways to look at getting e-mails like this: The school is rubbish and your scores will make it look better The school is excellent and rejecting you will give it a higher selectivity …

Protected: On Being a Grownup

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I haven’t done the whole 9 to 5 thing in quite awhile. It has been school with work thrown in wherever it would fit. The ramifications of a full time job are interesting if not unexpected. I don’t have as much time alone with my thoughts, which is probably for the best at this point, but the time I do have is keenly felt. My mind seems to be drifting to dark places with more regularity. The uncertainty I feel …


3 acceptances thus far. I think I have made my decision. And guess what? It isn’t on the east coast It’s here.


Gaydar. I have horrible gaydar. In my last job it took me six months to find out that my boss was gay. Even then, it was because he told me. Unless a man is particularly flamboyant, I am probably going to need to see him making out with another man before I realize he is gay. Which, hey, fine by me. But, I do have a different kind of radar. The radar that can only be acquired by living in …

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