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3 Months Out

Jen: I should really stop swearing so much before we move back to the States. Rob: Fuck that. I think we are ready.

Just blue

The truth is, I have nothing witty or compelling to share today. I am just blue. No particular reason. It is still cold in Plymouth. I had been hoping against hope that it would start to get warmer, but we have just been hit with another week of frozen mornings. Sometimes the thought of getting up day after day to put on two pairs of pants just kills me. Rob and I are doing nothing tonight, we are both just …


Times have changed. No longer is a 6 month quarantine required if you move your pet internationally. In fact, if you do it correctly, there is no quarantine at all. Yet, there is a catch. No one seems to be able to give you a straight answer regarding what is actually necessary. In the past two weeks I have spoken to the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health, The Center for …

never a whole chicken

Chicken is a staple in our house. I would say we have it 3 to 4 times a week in various formats. I mix it up. Chicken tacos. Chicken soup. Chicken stir fry. Chicken and rice. Chicken wrapped in bacon. Chicken pasta. The other nights during the week we either have pork or Rob has some form of ground beef (mince for you Brits) and I abstain. I hate ground beef. Luckily, Rob and I both happily eat chicken. I …

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