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At least I still have my two front teeth

In the weeks I spent waiting for my British visa I continually had dreams about losing Rob. Not, in the, ohmygod he’s left me sense, but in the where did he go?? sense. We would be out shopping and then he would disappear and it would be hours of looking and asking if anyone had seen him. As the dream wore on I would get more and more panicked about finding him, it would be as if he evaporated into thin air. …

Perhaps this is why I have an MA

I went to the doctor yesterday. And, health care debate & socialized medicine debate aside, I loathe British doctors. Seriously. I have yet to come into contact with one that isn’t condescending or arrogant. I am treated like I have no clue how to manage my health. You mean I am supposed to eat vegetables? And wash my hands with soap… and WATER?! What?!?!?! So, since living in the UK I only go to the doctor when it is absolutely …

Round Three

Today Rob and I enter round three with the American Embassy in London. Twice we have submitted his passport for his visa and twice it has been kicked back to us: more information required. Our lawyer will be having a conference call with my mother as soon as the sun rises on the west coast – they need her financial documents, further to my step-dad’s which they already have. I have to believe that this time it will go okay. …

A sigh of relief

Rob was approved for his visa today. We move in a month! I am thrilled. Yet, all of a sudden, now we are going for sure. For sure for sure for sure. We have so much to get done before then…..eeek!

Google Chat for Expats

her: you could probably do spinach instead of asparagus, or squash– really any green vegetable, no? me: I bet courgette would work well if you cut it lengthwise her: what is that? you are speaking british again me: oh shit

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