Monthly Archives: May 2010

Buttered paws

Pepper doesn’t go outside. Mainly because we live on a semi-busy street full of student apartments and I just don’t trust 19 year old boys. Plus there was this whole issue about how she would get back into the house since we don’t have a garden or a cat flap. And no matter what anyone says, I am not buttering my cats feet. Due to this indoor lifestyle her claws get super long. Like so long that when tries to …


We move two weeks tomorrow and I still don’t believe it. I am going through the motions but I don’t think it is going to seem real to me until we are on that plane. Or maybe not even until we land. Perhaps, it may never happen if BA doesn’t get their act together. Is it weird that I am being totally understanding about that whole BA thing? I am the type to lose it over the airline I am …

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