Monthly Archives: January 2012

Resolution: Balance

I am a little late on the resolution front, but I have had one rolling around in my head since after Christmas and I have been taking time to formulate it. I am now officially halfway through this insane experience called law school and it is a doozy. I can go from feeling like I! can! do! this! to wanting to crawl into a hole and die in the same day, hour, minute, what have you.  And for the last …


ffffound This past year I had a friendship fall apart.  I have been very hesitant to write about it here or anywhere because, to be honest, it cut through me like a knife.  But, as I have been talking it out in the past few days I have realized it needs to be written – the good and the bad.  It was surprising, but expected, and happened just as school was wrapping up for Christmas. Though it seems like things …

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