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Taking it Seriously

Rob and I are maybe, possibly, probably moving (official announcement when the lease is signed).  We are going from a sleepy little town with almost nothing in it (we only have three Starbucks.  I mean, come on) to an over-the-top bustling city.  We haven’t lived in a big city since we lived in London.  And yes, I know most of you are like, don’t you live in LA?  We live in LA County.  It’s a big place.  I am not …

For Ashley

As requested, this is me in my formal dress from last year.  It has now been given away and has a happy home where it can be worn!

Fist pumps all around.

Around Christmas time, I thought I was done.  I had lost about 75 pounds and was feeling comfortable.  Small.  Collarbones and all.  But then it just kept coming off.  I was annoyed.  I had bought new clothes.  I was enjoying fitting into clothes.  And then, all of a sudden, two weeks ago, my size 10s didn’t fit anymore.  They were sliding off.  My butt was looking… baggy.  I had to admit it; I had lost another 10 pounds. And part …

A Practical Wedding

One of my favorite websites is featuring our wedding today. Whoa Nelly.


With summer quickly approaching in southern California I am fighting the urge to run.  I am sitting in a windowless room, studying.  And I don’t mean run away from this life I created forever, just for a little bit.  Just to sit quietly, in the sun. As I inch closer and closer towards this goal of mine, it becomes increasingly apparent that I am fit for my chosen career path in a myriad of ways.  I am comfortable enough to …

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