Monthly Archives: May 2012

non sequitur

This guy has to get groomed for the first time in his life – next week. I hope the groomers wear protection.  I am thinking a traditional suit of armor might do the trick. We are moving. P.S. – Finals are over tomorrow so we will be back to our regularly scheduled insanity soon.

a lesson in pride

I am embarrassed very easily.  And it sticks with me.  Forever.  I can still tell you things that I was embarrassed by that happened when I was in fifth grade.  And I still flush thinking about them.  I don’t like people thinking I am an idiot, I don’t like stumbling in front of others.  Call it pride, call it whatever you want, but it upsets me. Well, this week I had a lesson in pride and embarrassment.  I started my …

Wordless Wednesday

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