Monthly Archives: November 2012


The weather has turned cold in the past week.  It has been windy and chilly in a way that is out of the norm for Los Angeles.  With our new neighborhood has come trees and leaves and I could not be more pleased.  Now the leaves are scattered and falling as we get into the heart of fall. The cold weather has made me nostalgic for my first fall in England and all that it entailed.   I spent my junior …


Though I had many warnings regarding the side effects of losing a significant amount of weight, there are some that I have had to experience myself to believe to be true.  I was told that people would treat me differently.  And they have.  I was told that it would be difficult to see or accept myself as “thin” or “normal.” And it has been.  I was told that my relationship with food would change.  There is no questioning that. Over …

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