Monthly Archives: March 2013

Dig Deep

First weekend of Bar study.  Yeesh. Thursday it started with a late night call from my mom.  Grandpa.  Come soon. We’ve known. And we’ve grown weary of knowing and being anxious and waiting and things looking up and then falling right back down.  It is still soon.  But as to how soon, no one knows.  He is tired. We are tired.  I think mom is the most tired. It is a difficult place to be, to see someone you love …

Topless in the Kitchen

Since I started law school I have been having trouble with tension and pain in my right shoulder.  It has everything to do with how I sit and how I drive and I have been working on that endlessly.  Sitting up straight, taking breaks, stretching my shoulder out, the whole shebang.  But my shoulder muscles get to a point where they are so stretched and tense that they just will not chill.  Even my muscles need to be told to …

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