Monthly Archives: June 2013

Victory, however brief

This day, was one of the best days.  27. Juris Doctor. Family. Cupcakes.  Pretty dresses. Flowers. Ducks. Waterfalls. Presents. One of the best days.

Friggin Weird

It happened again.  Rob and I were told that we are an adorable couple.  This is very similar to when I get told I am adorable. I think it might come from the fact that many people think we are newlyweds. I just look at the person like, whaaa?? And then politely say thank you, because I am not a meanie. I love Rob to bits. But I would never ever say that we are adorable. I would say we are …

No Complaints

I am almost a month into full time bar study, and as of late, I can only think of one word to describe the process: isolating. Pushing myself like this and studying like this is doing tricky things in the dark corners of my mind. Making me feel like I need someone, anyone, to talk to.  But I do talk.  All day, everyday.  I just feel like I chop and change so much from one minute to the next that …

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