Monthly Archives: January 2014

back in the trenches

photo I may have had a total wig out meltdown about two weeks ago and decided I wasn’t taking the Bar.  I talked to several friends and my family about it and all were “supportive.”  By supportive I mean, I could tell they didn’t agree with my decision but didn’t want to piss me off. Valid.  But, one of my lovely friends from college was not supportive. She was.. quiet.  She’s also one of the few that knows what this …


We found out that I was pregnant on Christmas Eve.  I found out that I lost the baby this morning. The statistics for miscarriage are depressingly high, especially this early on.  It doesn’t make it hurt any less.  I am in shock.  I had worked very hard to let myself be “okay” either way and not get attached until the 12 week mark. But I had bleeding at 6 weeks and got to see the heartbeat.  I convinced myself I …

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