Monthly Archives: March 2015

the internet is magic

IMG_5357 Recently the Today show did a segment on sharenting, or using the internet to share the highs and lows of parenting. Despite the completely ridiculous name, I am 100% on board. Over a year ago I joined a group of first time moms on Facebook. It’s a private group, there are only about 20 of us. I actually joined the group during my first pregnancy. We were all expecting in September 2014. When I miscarried I almost left the group …

Evelyn & Olivia, Five Months

Five months and they are babies, not newborns. Evie rolls over like a maniac and continues to kick Olivia in the head. Olivia has yet to roll over, content to just stare at her sister in wonderment. They have truly figured out that there are two of them and they grab for each other and stare at each other. It’s adorable and amazing, but I have already had to say don’t hit your sister!! Welcome to my life. So where are …

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