Monthly Archives: September 2015

I Couldn’t Love You More

Evelyn and Olivia will be a year old on October 4th. And while I miss the teeny tiny age, I love the changes and growth I am seeing. Every day they seem more and more like little people. Today Olivia practiced walking back and forth between Jill and I while holding onto our hands. Her face was beaming the entire time. She was so proud of herself. I think they will both be walking within the next few weeks and …

Evelyn & Olivia, 10 and 11

I failed epically and just never wrote about month 10. It turns out, just when I thought my life couldn’t get more hectic.. it could! I am a teacher. I teach 11th grade US History and AP US History, APUSH for those in the know. I am a first year teacher with twin babies. I wish people wouldn’t look at me like I’m insane when I say that. Some days, I am barely staying afloat. Some days, I am kicking …

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