Evelyn & Olivia, Eight Months.. ish

Evelyn and Olivia are actually eight months, two weeks. Mom fail. I have now been in Phoenix for just under two weeks though, so I have been a bit preoccupied…

Eight months and we are mobile! Army crawling and scooting all over the place. Evie has been sitting for quite awhile and Olivia has just recently joined her. Seeing them sit on their own is kind of a surreal experience, especially when I walk into the bedroom and see them just sitting there in their cribs like, oh hey, what’s up?

No check up this month so I really only have a guesstimate on their weight, I am thinking they are somewhere between 17 and 18 pounds, with plenty of healthy baby rolls. They continue to grow hair, which I appreciate. Let’s not be bald until two girls, please and thank you.

What we don’t have any of is teeth! Where are your teeth ladies?! You can’t enjoy nachos if you don’t grow any teeth. I’m just saying. I am not actually worried about the lack of teeth… yet. I am assuming they will arrive when they are good and ready. I am just surprised that we are inching towards nine months with still no teeth.

No sleeping through the night either. Thanks girls, love it.

Babbling has also started in earnest. And.. what I have been waiting for.. fighting. We are fighting over toys! Finally, they realized they are sisters! We have plenty of toys, but the rattle in Olivia’s hand looks super awesome to Evelyn, and vice versa. It is currently adorable; I will keep you posted as to when it starts getting annoying. We have entered into such a fun age where their personalities are growing and emerging.

About nine months ago I was super worried they would be born and I would confuse them and everything would go to hell. Well, as a seasoned twin mom, I am glad to say that has never happened. I can tell who they are by the shape of their heads and the tone of their cries. I can tell by their eyes and their cheeks and their smiles. I can tell because Olivia is a yeller and Evie is more a whiner. I can tell because I know them. So, soon to be twin moms out there, don’t worry. You will know.

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