As any of you who are my facebook friends already know, I did not get the job. I am currently applying my ass off. But this post is on a different matter.

I am trying to learn to cook a variety of things. I have the basics down. I can make grilled chicken, curry, my own pasta sauce, homemade enchiladas, etc, but I am trying to expand my horizons.

Last night I tried pot roast. The recipe called for one of those oven bag things that my husband truly did not believe would stay solid in the oven. I followed the recipe to a T. I even coated the bag in flour. I didn’t know what I coated the bag in flour until my mom explained to me later that is was to prevent the bag from breaking.

So I put all of the ingredients in the bag and then in a dish. I put it in the oven. An hour later I went to check on it. It looked okay, but the meat looked like it was getting a bit dry on the one side so I went to adjust the bag. This is when disaster struck. The bag split down one side. What the heck are you supposed to do when a bag containing boiling hot ingredients splits open? I decided to pick it up and wrap it in foil. Poor life choice. The bag split even more. The sauce covered me, the countertop, the stove top, the floor and the front door of the fridge. I ended up just dumping the rest in a pan, covering it with foil and hoping for the best.

It didn’t really taste that good after that. I don’t think I will be trying pot roast again for quite some time. Dinner tonight? Grilled chicken.

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