My passion for books has been reignited over the past month or so. I believe the main reason for this to be that I finally feel free to read – to read whatever I damn well please.

I started with some classics that I hadn’t read before. I read and loved Watership Down, was sad that I couldn’t find anything along the same vein after it. I read one of the Redwall books which is similar, but just doesn’t have the same feel.

From there I moved to Steinbeck. I read East of Eden, mainly because our library didn’t have a copy of The Grapes of Wrath (I know, shocking). I loved it. It was my first Steinbeck. Though I loved it and probably will read it again in years to come (I am definitely a re-reader) it does show the dark side of humanity quite plainly. So I moved to an old friend who has never disappointed: Harry Potter.

Because it takes longer for people to write novels that are hundreds of pages long than it does for children to become adults, I have grown up with Harry Potter. I read the first one at 14 and the most recent one came out when I was 21. Each time I re-read them I feel more and more like I am coming and back to an old friend.

I was all for continuing on with the classics, but Harry Potter got in the way. I was ready to dive into War and Peace but somewhere along the way I found myself knee deep in broomsticks, owls, and magic spells. And, as is always the way of Harry Potter, I am reluctant to leave.

I have a library card and I went a checked out all of the reputable children’s fantasy that I could think of (i.e. a lot searching around on Amazon).


So here is what I have right now:

Magyk – Andgie Sage

Five Children and It, The Story of the Treasure Seekers, and The Railway Children – E. Nesbit

Inkheart, Dragon Rider, Inkspell – Cornelia Funke

Artemis Fowl – Eoin Colfer


There are others I am interested in, but I am dealing with the public library here. I don’t have the money to feed my book habit adequately. I am working on Inkheart and Dragon Rider currently.

Reading fantasy novels always makes me think of my (non-existent) children for some reason. I want them to grow up reading books about magic and fairies and dragons. Fairy tales create such a rich world for children who still are able to believe that there might be a magical world out there just beyond their grasp.

I hate that some parents prevent their children from reading books that have magic in them. Most of them still contain the same messages that books without magic contain. Good triumphs over evil almost always. There is always a message in there that being good and kind and a decent human being will get you farther in life eventually. What does it matter if there are some fairies and wizards in the background?

Anyway, like the title says, mainly irrelevant thoughts.  It probably could have been summed up in one sentence.

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