Need Sleep….

It is 9 a.m. on Monday morning and my eyes keep trying to close on me. Rob and I stayed up too late last night and now I am paying the price. I should be doing my reading for Liberty, Equality and Justice but my brain just isn’t there yet. I really wish I could have a cup of coffee but as I am the only one on the desk I won’t be able to leave any time soon.

What I really wish, as I have always wished, is that I was one of those people who could go on 6 hours of sleep and be perfectly happy about it. I need 9. This seems entirely unfair, but 9 is the amount it takes for me to not be tired. I can do 8 and function happily but any less and I need coffee. So here I am needing coffee and chapstick.

This week is going to be insanely hectic for me. I am working 20 hours and going to class and I am trying to squeeze in a few social activities as well.

At least the laundry is nearly finished. I am thinking grilled chicken for dinner – quick and easy.

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