Grad School – I’m Constantly Hungry

On the days that I have class and work I am on campus from 9 until 7, sometimes a bit later. Rob and I are trying to be responsible with the money we have so this means no buying lunch. I am finding it nearly impossible to pack things that will keep me going for the entire day. I feel like I would have to pack three meals. I am trying to think of things that stay in your system for quite awhile. The best I could come up with is whole weat bagels with cream cheese. I will let you know how this goes.

Grad school is amazing. I love all of my classes, well not Research Design, but seriously? I am feeling slightly overwhelmed, but am working on a system to manage it all. I think if I work 16 hours a week Rob and I won’t starve and I will be able to get all of my work done. I really want to make sure I put the most amount of effort into my classes that I can, mainly because I enjoy them so much. My favorite right now has to be Designing Public Policy. Instead of writing a paper for that class I have to outline and then solve a policy problem. It is work that would be helpful in the real world.

Other than grad school and food, things are going well. Rob and I are celebrating two years together next weekend. We are going to a pub on Primrose Hill (doesn’t that sound like something out of a fairytale?) and then for a stroll in Regent’s Park. I am looking forward to it and hoping the weather holds out. Right now we have been having sunshine, but it is cool, you can tell fall is finally arriving.

Anyway, that my life for now. The main thing on my to-do list this weekend is to find a pair of weather appropriate shoes.

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