Originally I had told Rob he was in charge of what he wore for the wedding day. I mean, it is his day too, I want him to be comfortable.

But, he started looking at boring suits. Seriously boring. I wish Rob would dress as cool as he is. I am getting there, it is a slow process. So I started hunting around and sending him ‘suggestions.’ He still had full veto power but I wanted him to think outside of the typical morning suit (yawn).

Then there is this. Rob is skinny. Still healthy, I mean I feed him. I know what he eats, he just doesn’t put any weight on. He has an amazing metabolism, a metabolism I would kill for. So a suit that looks somewhat bulky on him makes him look even skinnier than he actually is. Not good. So I started sending him slim cut suits, and finally we have come to an agreement. This is hopefully going to be the suit – waistcoat and skinny tie and all. YES!

Also, this makes finding a woman’s suit for the best woman a great deal easier because we are doing black instead of grey. Heck yes.

I am doing invite stuff this evening. I am trying to figure out wording which is more of a mess than I thought it would be. I am waiting for my mom to wake up to get her opinion. This is what happens when you live 8 hours ahead of your family. As it is currently only 7:45 a.m. there I am going to wait a bit before I call.

Also, I have another bloody essay due. la-de-dah.

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