vivid dreamer

I have intense dreams, as I have told y’all before. (no, I am not from the south, just felt like a y’all was good there).

These dreams are even more vivid when I nap in the afternoon. As I have a cold, I took an afternoon nap. I dreamt at least three different dreams. The most vivid was my dream that I had to go back to high school in order to complete my MA. I also had to have my mom with me to register me for classes. Then she fell off a cliff into the ocean and I had to jump down to get her. Then we all had to drive to registration together (a couple of my childhood friends showed up on the scene at that point). We then went to register and I found out that I had to retake all four years of high school in order to get my MA.

Weird, I know. Yet, for me, this dream was relatively normal.

Also, when I nap in the afternoon this happens to me. Talk about freaky. Sleep paralysis?! Doesn’t that just strike fear into your heart? Believe me, it is not fun.

Rob often talks about how I operate on a ‘higher level,’ by saying this he is trying to explain how my thoughts seem to shift and lists of things to do seem to pop in and out of my head at the speed of light. I think this high strung, crazy aspect of my personality is to blame for my crazy dreams and scary shit.

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