just about 4 months

I have just over four months go on this whole wedding planning thing. My trip to Plymouth was fabulous. We have a menu. We have a fab photographer. I am stoked about the flowers.

Everyone totally understood what I was talking about and what I was going for and while the food might be a bit fancier than I was thinking I can be okay with that. We walked around the whole site with the photographer to decide the best place to have the ceremony. I really like where we chose, you can see the whole countryside behind us. The downside is that we aren’t standing under a tree. I don’t know what we will be standing under, if anything. I am thinking something like a canopy, but that might be hard to do. We shall see.

We also found out that they cut the room rates by £50. Yep, you heard right. They took £50 off of the price of every room! This has helped so much that we now have all the rooms filled. Before we went down we were going to be stuck paying for an empty room because none of our guests could manage it. Not so anymore! Woo hoo.

Rob’s best woman, who we stayed with for the weekend, also sat down with us with a list of best men duties. She had looked up all the traditional duties and wanted to find out which ones she should take care of for us. Isn’t that so so sweet? Then her husband said he would happily be the Master of Ceremonies (i.e. make sure no ones speech goes on for three million years). Woo hoo.

Once I stop working on papers and such, I will put up a few pics of the weekend. All I know is that I feel much more at peace about everything wedding related and can now focus on papers for a bit.

Sorry if the post isn’t too descriptive. I kind of want to keep some of the wedding things to myself, for just a bit! And I am waiting on the ‘official wording’  of the menu. And, I don’t feel like my pictures do the place justice because it is just about spring but not quite so all of their foliage hasn’t quite popped up.

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