The Flat

As most of you know, Rob and I have been living in a teeny tiny studio apartment for the past year. Being that we are both students, it is really all we could manage. Though it has been crappy and cramped, there is really no one else I would rather share a flat with.

Yet, on top of being teeny tiny, it is in a scary neighborhood with creepy neighbors. What fun! It is also an hour away from Rob’s work. I know what you are thinking – why the hell did you move in here? Because it was the best we could find at the time. We didn’t know London very well and we had a week to find a flat and this one worked well enough.

So now the time has come to move! Plymouth is insanely cheap compared to London. Our new flat has a full kitchen (with a full size fridge!), a breakfast nook, a nice big living room and a bedroom. It is probably four times the size of where we are living now. I have put some pics up, but shall not be telling you where it is, since I really don’t want you peering through my living room window any time soon.

Aside from the flat’s enormity, it is a 6-minute walk (yep, we timed it) from the university. Rob will be able to roll out of bed at 8:45 a.m. and still be able to make it to his 9:00 a.m. classes. This will be much better than his usual morning routine of getting up at 6:30 a.m. to be at work for 9:00 a.m. I will commence looking for work once wedding, dissertation and LSATs are out of the way, but given that our flat is ridiculously cheap, even if I don’t find something for a couple months we will be okay, probably more than okay.

Right now we are trying to decide if we would like to buy a dryer. I say, yes, please!! But we need to look into how it will affect our electricity bill. I am definitely not a fan of line-dried towels though. Everything else is pretty okay, but towels that are crunchy are the worst.

We move in three weeks.

Hell yes.

The Kitchen

Breakfast nook

Living Room

Photos from: here

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