Two Weeks Out July 25, 2009 By Jenifer Leave a Comment My family arrives in one week exactly. Then exactly one week after that we are getting married. And what am I doing? Typing furiously. I must have a draft done by today to offer to my professor for proof reading. Part of my feels like, Am I missing this? Am I missing this experience because of the typing? I don’t think so. The minute my family gets here it is done. This paper will be turned in at the end of this week, come hell or high water. My professor tried to tell me that turning in my paper a month early was clearly a poor life. Riiight. A poor life choice would be missing a week with my family to work on this bloody thing. So, it doesn’t feel real yet. It will, I am sure it will. The fact that my venue has just asked for the rest of the deposit, the meal choices and who is staying in what room made it feel pretty real. But, I think it will all seem like it is really happening when we go to pick up my parents. I just went to get my wedding hair cut and confirmed the nail appointments for the ladies. Now I need to sort out tanning and bikini waxes. I have gone back and forth between spray tan and regular tan. And here is the thing. I don’t even really want to be tan. I just want to be all the same colour. I have a tank top tan which will be definitely obvious when I wear my dress. So, it has to go, and since you can’t get spray pale, it is going to have to be tan. Minimalist tan. And I have decided spray tan. After looking into tanning beds thoroughly I have decided I would like to remain cancer free for as long as possible. So I will be going down to the spray tan place next week to discuss my options. Other than that it is small things that need doing. Rob and I need to type and practice our vows. The programs need to be made. The playlist is a bit of a disaster. We are still taking suggestions over here. Doesn’t matter if you are coming to the wedding or not! We need music to get people on the dance floor. Today is haircut for Rob, typing for me. Perhaps tonight we will work on wedding things. The seating chart needs finalizing. Two weeks from today! Share this: RedditTwitterPinterestFacebookEmail Filed Under: Uncategorized deep cleansing breaths

After a freak out/panic attack of monumental proportions (even for me, which is saying a lot) I sat down with the head of my department to discuss whether or not I would be continuing with my masters program. After several unsatisfactory conversations with my advisor I was at the end of my tether, feeling like no matter what I did, I would not turn in a passing paper. So, I sent an e-mail off to the head of my department about terminating my studies, as he is the one that signs the paperwork. Well, he met with me on Sunday (yep, Sunday!) and we discussed my paper. The idea of me dropping out wasn’t even discussed as a viable option. We went through my paper, and rather than make me feel like I was a failure, he made me feel like I was on the right track, but just needed a bit of work. He actually said I just needed to “change the decorations.” Huge sigh of relief. But now, he is my advisor for the next three weeks and I need to get this paper out!

But, I am also moving in less than a week. Must. start. packing. And finish wedding planning. And prepare for my entire family to arrive. And the LSATs.

deep cleansing breaths.

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