Settling In

I am in my second week of the semester and I should start to feel like I am settling into my routine, but I am not.  I am still wigged out about my Tuesdays and I love my Thursdays, and my Fridays overwhelm me in a completely wonderful way.  3L.  That means the bar is just around the corner.  Thanks for reminding me. Jerk.

I have been missing Rob with some sort of terrible ache because I just haven’t seen him.  Sure we “see” each other but I haven’t had a talk with him for days and days.  I feel like I am constantly flying from one place to the next.  In a suit, no less.

This weekend is Labor Day so I am hoping for some peace and calm, but I think I am going to get a face full of anxiety. Rob and I are taking a new Bible Study on Sunday mornings and it is a good time for me to just sit down and breathe.  I am hoping Rob and I can do breakfast after that and leisurely look at each other’s faces again.

So much of me these last couple days has felt like I am using all my strength to push a boulder up a hill.  My shoulders are tense and I am drinking too much caffeine.  I have gotten myself to the point where I don’t know how to unwind myself.  If I was 65 years-old I would say I had gotten myself into a tizzy.  I am in such a blur that I have let my support network fall away.

So my goal for the weekend: Take a deep breath.  Cut out the coffee.  See Rob’s face for awhile.


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