Wednesday was our fake anniversary.  And if you are new around here, you are probably going – wtf?  Rob and I got married twice.  Once legally and once ceremonially.  Or religiously.  Or whatever.  Once we signed the paperwork.  Once we had a wedding.  We celebrate the day we signed the paperwork – March 21, 2008.  But we had a wedding August 8, 2009.  So, August 8 holds a special place in our hearts.  I don’t know about you, but to me, fake anniversaries call for homemade doughnuts.  Obviously.

There are two reasons for this.  One, is my list of forty things I would like to accomplish before I turn thirty.  Learning to make homemade doughnuts was number 22 on this list.  Second reason, Rob loves doughnuts.  Hardcore.  In typical man fashion, he is over the moon for doughnuts and pizza.  Surprisingly not beer.  Even more surprisingly – not TEA!  More on that later.

Rob, being Rob, is specific when it comes to his doughnut needs.   And I mean REAL specific.  Must be seedless raspberry jam.  Must be coated in cinnamon and sugar.  NOT POWDERED sugar.  Check.  I followed the recipe to a T and this is the face I was rewarded with:

Without further ado, here is the documentation of our first attempt at making doughnuts!

My first time using yeast.  I was very skeptical.  But it ROSE!All the same size! Mostly.Rob was annoyed that I was fooling around near HOT OIL.  This is him putting up with me.Frying!Very important part: JAM


The taste!


Jess, covered in jam.

Perfect jam doughnut.

So, in conclusion.  I now know how to make doughnuts!!

PS  – That would be Roommate A, Jess. 


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