giving up

I joked with my roommate today that I just want to give up on law school.  I have an intense test tomorrow and I am feeling as if my deadlines for school and work and life are all starting to get bunched up and it is making me feel pulled in a dozen different directions.  I need to be gearing up for the new semester and my classes.  And my fall internship.  And the Bar.  And I am a 1L mentor.  And Jake is moving!  to!  college!  And Jilli is starting school! And it was our anniversary yesterday.  And I don’t know what to wear ever.  And I just cut off all my hair and I am feeling a little unsure about it.  And a million ands after that.

So.  Sometimes giving up on law school sounds like an excellent idea.  But that is all it ever is.  An idea.  I couldn’t ever do it.  I want this – badly.  There is a saying floating around Pinterest (of course), that if your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.  Well, lets just say my dreams are plenty effing big right now.

Today has been a head in the sand kind of day for me.  I feel ready to take this test but would be not at all surprised if I had to take it again.  And again.  Which is what has put me in this mood.  I can feel completely ready for a law school test and get a C-.  I can feel like I have no idea what the hell is going on and get an A.

The lack of rhyme or reason to it makes me feel like the bar is going to be a treat.

PS – cheery post about doughnuts soon to come.

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