More than just the LSATs

I am waiting for my LSAT prep books to arrive (please come soon!) and am having difficulty maintaining focus. I need to be studying but I can’t really start my new prep until the books arrive.

So, what finally hit me, after me milling around all day, getting house things done, is that while I am waiting to get back to studying for the LSAT I can work on the otheraspects of the law school application. The personal statement and my resume need to be written. Now, the resume is difficult, but pretty straightforward. I basically need to highlight anything I have ever done that is outstanding. And all of my paid work I have ever done. It is going to be a long resume.

The personal statement. Yeeesh. I have to somehow show that I contribute to the diversity of the university, have overcome adversity and have an ‘interesting’ reason for going into law all at the same time but without directly saying any of that. I am supposed to show, not tell. Great. I am thinking of discussing my experience in English education versus my experience in American education. Or perhaps discussing my father’s strong objections against me going to college and law school. I seriously think I may have reached this point with law school earlier if I hadn’t had my dad telling me, you don’t want to be a lawyer. Perhaps that is what I shall open with?

Also, I am having a kick ass American style Halloween party down here in Plymouth. Because, did you know, the Brits celebrate Halloween just slightly differently than the Americans do? Toasted pumpkin seeds and bobbing for apples here we come!

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