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Rob starts school on Monday. And as difficult as this past month has been with us having almost nothing to do it will be very weird to be home alone during the day. I have gotten used to Rob and I waking up together at 10:00 a.m. and lazily deciding what needed to be done with the day. I mean, there have been a lot of things to take care of, but taking care of these things isn’t really a full time job.

So, on Monday Rob gets up and goes to school and I…? There has been a lot of discussion in our house about my life is to look like for the next three months. I am not the kind of person that enjoys just chilling. Really, I can only “chill” for about a half a day before I start to go crazy. So, Rob and I talked and talked and talked. How about a cookery class? Photography lessons? French lessons? Volunteering? And this is the thing, I know that I have time on my hands right now, but it isn’t like I am a retiree. I just can’t really work on my further education or my career right now. I happen to have chosen a career path that means I must be educated in the States. So I must wait. But I am not really ready to spend my time learning to knit. I really do want to be working towards these goals in one way or another.

Rob and I decided that I am going to take an online prep course for the LSATs, take pilates, start swimming and get a cat. We are hoping that all of these things together will fill my days successfully whilst he is at school.

Right now I am most excited about the cat. We have already picked one out, but in England they are a little bit more… invasive when it comes to getting a cat from a shelter. Our “home visit” is most likely going to be next week. An RSPCA employee comes to our house to assure that we have an appropriate living environment for a cat. We are also interviewed to ensure that our lifestyle is conducive to having a pet. If only they could do interviews like that for people considering having children. My only concern regarding this is that we do not have a cat flap. I am hoping the fact that we have a lot of low windows that the cat can use to come and go as she pleases.

See, the thing is, I really don’t want the cat we have chosen to be an indoor/outdoor cat. When I was younger, a coyote ate one of the first cats that I had. I said this to the woman at the shelter and her eyes about fell out of her head. Apparently they do not have coyotes in England. Or raccoons. Or any animals that you have to worry about eating your cat. I sincerely have trouble believing this. I am hesitant to let the cat go outside at all, but we shall see. Her name is currently Hilda:



We are thinking Pepper or Tiramisu.

I am currently on my way to London to meet with our new lawyer, sit (or not sit) the LSATs and see some of my friends in London. I am hoping this meeting with the new lawyer goes well and that we have found someone who will actually help get this process under way seriously. Because seriously, I want him in the country LEGALLY.

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