Fat Free Lifestyle

Due to my gallbladder issues I have been instructed to live a “fat free lifestyle” to avoid pain and discomfort. Let me tell you, living on a fat free diet for months on end is thrilling. Yet, the response I get from most people when I tell them about this is, Whoa, you must be losing loads of weight. And you know what? I am not. Because guess what is fat free? Sugar. And carbs. And Coke. And fat free yogurt. Yes, it is fat free, not calorie free. So when my diet consists of as much pasta as I can possibly eat, I really am not losing much weight. Because I love pasta. I also love cheese. But I can’t have cheese. So I make up for it by eating more pasta. Now, I am not gaining weight, but I am not losing it either. The way I can tell, as I don’t have a scale, is the fact that my underwear is not getting any bigger or smaller. And the thing is, not eating fat does make me feel like I can eat bigger proportions of the food I can eat. Because in some instances this is okay. Like Muller Light. I could probably have six of those, they are like 90 calories. But, Ben and Jerry’s Phish Food frozen yogurt? Probably not a good idea to eat a whole tub of it, even if it is low in fat.

Adding this whole “no fat” rule has thrown a wrench into how I think about food. Now, it is a concern for me that I get enough calories in the day. Because some days I just don’t feel like another turkey sandwich with no cheese, no mayo and no flavor. So I don’t eat. I am slowly expanding my horizons though. For example, yesterday I discovered that chicken broth in England is not chicken broth as I know it. It actually comes out of the can as chicken and rice soup. Which is excellent! I can eat that! And it is tasty.

On the other side of the coin, the diet food in England is severely lacking due to the diet food in California. I want my fat free pudding!

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