Idle Hands are the Devil’s Playthings

What now?

My applications are sent. The LSAT scores are out. Now the waiting starts. I don’t know if you can tell from my blog, but I am not the sort of person that likes to bum around. I can bum around for a couple days at most.

I would love to work for the next five months while I wait. Yet, it is hard to get a nothing type job when you have a BA and an MA on your resume. I could take these things off but then what do I say I have been doing for the last five years of my life? I am looking into temp agencies yet there aren’t as many agencies in Plymouth as there are in London. I do think temp agencies are my best bet though. They don’t care so much if you are overqualified for the position. So I am hunting. I would love to work at a grocery store or a coffee shop or whatever. I am not looking for a career right now. But in this market? It stresses me out. If there are any British people out there reading this that have suggestions let me know!

Seriously, I will stuff envelopes.

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