Blending in with the crowd

istmas has come and gone. It is now time to get going.

Rob and I move in 5 months. These are the things we need to start considering:

  1. flights
  2. international shipping
  3. international cat shipping
  4. selling our belongings
  5. giving away our belongings (if selling doesn’t work)

And I am expecting Rob and my’s relationship dynamic to change. We have never lived together where he is the foreigner and I am the local. We have never lived someplace I have chosen. It has been my turn, these past two years, to wait. Wait for Rob to finish. And though I have complained and moaned and griped every step of the way, it is fair. It is not always possible for both members of a couple to pursue their dreams at the same time, taking turns is a viable option. Yet when we move to the States, it will hopefully be both of our turns.

I have never been fully comfortable with my foreigner status. I can dress the way the Brits dress (no white socks please), I can look confident on the tube or bus, I can blend in with the crowd. Yet, the minute I open my mouth the jig is up. I’m found out. And sometimes I hate it. I get all sorts of bizarre reactions; a couple weeks ago a drunk girl realized I was American and just yelled, “OBAMA!!!!” at me. How would you respond to that?

I think being someplace where Rob is the one that has people asking him if he’s had tea with the Queen will change the way we do things. I will be the local, the girl who knows which freeway to take, where the best place for coffee is. It will be my friends that we have lunch with and my parents that we will be living with.

This change doesn’t concern me, it intrigues me. Rob is more easy going than I am. I am not a go with the flow sort of person, he is. Yet, constantly feeling out of place can be wearing on a person.

Who knows, maybe he won’t feel out of place at all.

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