Who am I kidding?

So I took the LSATs a week ago. And I feel like it went okay. Not really significantly better or significantly worse than any of my practice tests. I feel like the games section went very well but I felt rushed in reading comprehension.

People keep asking me about it and I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to say, Yes, it went excellent! because then when I get my score back and it isn’t what I expected then it is like, wtf? And I don’t want to tell people it went horribly because that is just awkward. When I tell people it went okay they look at me like they wanted me to be more expansive. It went okay. Really okay. Middle of the road. Like, okay okay.

I tell myself that I am not stressing about the score (except subconsciously, I keep having dreams about 148s). But legitimately? I totally am batshit crazy freaking out about it. This decides my legal future and it is completely out of my hands. I am pretty successfully focusing on other things like finishing my applications and getting them in, but then it sneaks up on me and I am all like, oh-my-effing-god what if I did horribly?

On the brightside, visiting the campuses was worth every minute. 3 of the schools I was considering were completely taken off the list. One of the schools I was barelyconsidering is now a solid second choice. And remember that one? That one I was talking about a few posts back? Well I was right, it felt like coming home.

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