40 Before 30

I love lists. I have numerous to do lists. I make a grocery list and a meal plan every Thursday. I make careful packing lists whenever I travel. Right now, as we are moving soon, I currently am working on an inventory of all things in this flat. So, I have decided to take this love for list making a bit further.

Taking inspiration from Maggie, I have decided to create a list of 40 things I would like to do before I am 30. It was going to be 30 before 30, but I got a bit carried away. I am open to further suggestions, but for now, this is a list of things I would like to do before my 30th birthday:

  1. Visit a new state each year
  2. Learn to buy more fruit and vegetables locally
  3. Go on a road trip with my younger brother and sister
  4. Go parasailing
  5. Visit a new part of Europe
  6. Relearn (refresh?) Spanish
  7. Earn my JD
  8. Take Rob to the summer camp I grew up at
  9. Have a reunion with my five best friends from college
  10. Take up an outdoor hobby with Rob – and do it regularly
  11. Invest in legitimate furniture
  12. Learn how to manage the more complicated aspects of personal finances (investments? 401K? Life insurance? Mutual funds?)
  13. Properly decorate the space I live in
  14. Visit Yellowstone
  15. Learn how to change a flat tire
  16. Take a hot air balloon ride
  17. Drive up the California coast
  18. Go wine tasting
  19. Get to know LA (what this will actually look like is yet to be determined)
  20. Spend Christmas in a cabin in the woods
  21. Start 5 new family traditions
  22. Learn to make doughnuts
  23. Get wedding photos printed and framed
  24. Write letters on a regular basis
  25. Go snorkeling in New Zealand
  26. Go on an Alaskan cruise
  27. Go back to my college campus
  28. Plant tulips
  29. Host Thanksgiving dinner
  30. Go to an actual spa and have actual spa treatments
  31. Take Rob sledding
  32. Stay in a ski resort in Calgary – and maybe ski
  33. Hang my own Christmas lights
  34. Volunteer (any sort – tree planting, beach cleaning, homeless sheltering)
  35. Work on a campaign
  36. Vote in person, not by absentee
  37. See Rob become a citizen
  38. Attend a political rally
  39. Meet the California senators
  40. Get into the habit of recycling everything that can be recycled

Some of these are already under way (I am visiting 3 states this summer). Some of them may take quite a lot of planning and saving. But that is it, 40 before 30. But, if this works, my list may be extended.

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