Keeping it on the DL

I share most things about my life in this blog. Especially if it is amusing. Yet, there has been something going on in my life for the past week that is quite amusing that I haven’t been quite ready to share. Because for me, right now, it is 75% painful, 25% amusing.

I have lice. I believe I got it from my hairdresser but there is no way to be sure.

I never had lice as a kid, surprisingly enough. Four children in our household, at one time all under 10, and never lice. I don’t have the temperment for lice. An ailment where the only way to be rid of it is excessive cleaning?! Good Lord, this is no good. I have a list as long as my arm for things to bleach, scrub and wash tomorrow.

I would much rather have a broken leg. I am serious.

So, everyday this week I have sat on the floor while Rob combs my hair, looking for lice that don’t seem to be there. I have put the poison on my hair once and that is supposed to be enough to take care of most of it. But still, only constant vigilance is the way to be sure.

I spent the first hour of my morning washing olive oil out of my hair with dish soap, then vinegar, regular shampoo, then more dish soap. The olive oil is supposed to smother the bugs, the vinegar is meant to detach the nits. The dish soap is just because it is fucking hard to get olive oil out of your hair. Tough on grease! The regular shampoo is so I don’t smell like olive oil, dish soap or vinegar. I currently have my hair sectioned into four buns, mainly because it makes it easier for Rob to look through my hair.

So I haven’t seen any bugs in my hair for days, but I am still seriously tempted to shave my head. It feels like the only way to be sure. 100% sure.

Let the entire household bleaching commence!

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