Perhaps this is why I have an MA

I went to the doctor yesterday. And, health care debate & socialized medicine debate aside, I loathe British doctors. Seriously. I have yet to come into contact with one that isn’t condescending or arrogant. I am treated like I have no clue how to manage my health. You mean I am supposed to eat vegetables? And wash my hands with soap… and WATER?! What?!?!?!

So, since living in the UK I only go to the doctor when it is absolutely necessary. I find this change in my behavior frustrating since before I moved here I never had any qualms about the doctor. It was a place were I could find out the facts and be reassured. I wasn’t so keen on the dentist, but I had a vindictive hygienist. This time I attempted to make an appointment with a female doctor, in my experience they aren’t quite as condescending and don’t attempt to explain to me how my own uterus works. No female doctors available. Of course.

So I get to the doctor and explain, I have the arm implant (implanon) and it has been going along just fine for the past five months but all of a sudden it has been causing mild pain all the way down my arm.

Jen: Should I be concerned about this?

Dr: No, it doesn’t seem infected.

Jen: Could it be broken?

Dr: No.

Jen: What could be causing it?

Dr: It doesn’t look infected. Do you want to have babies?

Jen: Right now?! No… eventually.

Dr: Hmmm…

Mr. Doctor-man was going to offer me a tubal ligation. Because that is what every 23 year old wants. Thanks, but no thanks. I also expressed my dislike for lack of periods. His response: Meh..

And then it happened. Of course, because I am American and he is British he feels it necessary to explain to me why England is on the right track and America is on the wrong track regarding health care (and everything else for that matter).

Dr: Did you know that America spends twice as much as –

Jen: I have a Masters in Public Policy, I am well aware. Thanks.

Dr: Oh…

Well at least that shut him up. So…this is why I earned my MA. So doctors don’t treat me like I haven’t a clue? Because I really love chatting about politics in the doctors office. Obviously, if he read my blog he would know that is usually something I save for the dentist.

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