At least I still have my two front teeth

In the weeks I spent waiting for my British visa I continually had dreams about losing Rob. Not, in the, ohmygod he’s left me sense, but in the where did he go?? sense. We would be out shopping and then he would disappear and it would be hours of looking and asking if anyone had seen him. As the dream wore on I would get more and more panicked about finding him, it would be as if he evaporated into thin air. Then the dream would just end and I would wake up in a cold sweat. Obviously, I never questioned why I was having dreams like this. I was worried about being denied my visa and thus having to be permanently separate from Rob, it manifested itself in dreams of actually losing him.

Now that it is his turn, I am having dreams about being killed. No idea how that connects in a straight line to my worry about the visa process, but night after night I go to bed and am baked, shot, stabbed, having boiling water poured on me, etc. A couple nights ago I dreamt someone was trying to take my skin off. That was thrilling.

I have had the normal stress dreams before, regularly in fact, but those have always involved my two front teeth exploding or falling out. Which, freaked me out enough. Now I have being killed by boiling water to add to the list of weird dreams. Great.

50 days.

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