Remember the whole Pepper saga? Getting her vaccinated, getting her an appropriate carrier, getting her a flight? If not, you can refresh your memory here. Well, Pepper spent two lovely months at my parents’ house before we moved into our apartment. Two months in a huge house (to her little mind, by human standards it is an average house). Two months with a giant backyard and neighborhood full of lizards, birds and the occasional rabbit. Fast forward two months and it is time for her to move with us, into our little tiny one bedroom. No back yard included. She hated it. She hated us. We couldn’t let her outside due to the busy road and the very bold coyotes. So we stuck it out for a week and then we just felt bad for her. She would just wander around the house meowing. Every time we left the house it was like a stealth operation. Quick, she is looking out the window! Open the door and run! So, though it wrenched my heart to do it, she is now with my parents, where she is much happier. We can tell by the amount of purring. Part of me feels like I have ditched out on my first legit adult responsibility (i.e. keeping my own pet alive), but the other part of me knows that she is much happier there and will be very well cared for. My mom feeds her other cat cool whip because he loves it. He also sleeps in her bed.

Yet. My parents already had three cats. Which is technically the city limit. One of these cats was also terrified of Pepper and basically all other cats. He also spends most of his time hiding under the bed. Did I also mention that he is my cat? A gift for graduating from 8th grade.

Enter, Stormy.

Yes, this is where he chose to hide after the hour-long car ride to our house during which he yowled the entire time. In between the fridge and our cabinetry. We had to move the fridge to get him out. He has been under the bed since then. He will eat the cat treats out of my hand and has eaten quite a bit of food, but still refuses to budge. I am hoping that in about a week he will realize there are no cat murderers hiding behind doors and that Pepper no longer lives here. Because really, when he gets over his fear, he is sooo fun to play with. Pepper looked at our laser pointer with contempt. He chases it around like a madman. But for now, we are just thankful that we can open our front door without needing spy skills…

And that Pepper is now free to roam and sleep in my little sister’s bed.


He has emerged…

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