August 23rd

If our to-do list before the move seemed insanely long, it is nothing compared to our current list. Settling back into American life seems to, so far, involve a lot of paperwork and waiting in lines.

We made it through immigration fine. There was a snotty immigration officer that tried to inform us that our American wedding was illegal. You mean to tell me that our lawyer didn’t notice, the UK government didn’t notice, the Departments of State and Homeland Security didn’t notice, but you, lowly customs official have noticed such a glaring issue with our file? I think not. Yes, it is illegal to marry in the US on a visitor visa if you plan to stay. He didn’t. He married me and left. Back up.

After the airport was a whirlwind of saying hello and then goodbye again to a large assortment of people as we headed off again for my sister’s wedding. The vacation was wonderful and overwhelming and probably about two days too long. How long does it take on a family vacation before you consider killing a sibling? Two weeks. I did however see Amish country, our Nation’s capital, my older sister and her new husband and step-son, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Liberty Bell and the inside of far too many diners.

And now here I am, living to prepare for August 23rd. I start law school on August 23rdand somehow I have gotten it in my head that everything, and I mean everything, has to be done by August 22nd. Apparently my life is ending August 23rd and I must get it all done before then. Car insurance? Check. Cell phone plans? Check. Laptop for school? Check. Bank account for the Brit?  Check. But, as long as the list of things that are already done is, the list of things to-do is even longer.

Yet, I am telling myself it is okay. I am not actually dying August 23rd. I will probablystill have time to grocery shop, shower and drink coffee. I guess I might be able to fit in settling into my apartment and teaching Rob to drive. I could probably even handle visiting my family from time to time. So, if it doesn’t get done it is okay (right??)

But, that doesn’t mean I am going stop trying.

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