I have received a lot of questions along the lines of what’s it like??? in the past few days, so I am going to be concise and try to compile my impressions of law school thus far into a post. What I have learned in law school so far…

For one, that is what the first year of law school is called: 1L. Get with the lingo, people. 1L, 2L, 3L. Don’t ask me why, I didn’t make the rules. Just don’t call me a freshman. In law school there is no shame in carrying a rolley backpack. I want one. I heard a rumor that they have plaid ones on sale at Target. I will definitely be looking into that. I guess people don’t trust hunchback lawyers. That is pretty much what you would be if you tried to carry all of your books all the time. I have already got some broken blood vessels in my shoulder.

I have learned that that I cannot enter into a contract with my lawyer to trade her sports car for my liver. I have learned that the deer rule the school. Drive slow.

I now know that a significant portion of the hyper intense students you knew in college will end up in law school. These are called gunners. These are the people that show up an hour early to get a good seat. We happen to have several in my section. My law school divides 1Ls into three sections, I am in B.

I now know what a tort is, and that you don’t actually have to touch someone to commit battery, which seems insane. I also know that if punch Rob in my sleep I am not liable for battery, that is unless I know that I have a history of sleep punching. If my doctor gives me a vasectomy and I go on to have another child I cannot sue for breach of contract. A child is a “blessed event” and does not constitute damages. Or so says that judge.

There is no shame in driving to the main campus. My campus is full of hills. Walking with all those books could kill you.

Spouses are invited to everything. And I mean everything. I am sure this is just my particular law school, but it is an interesting way of doing business and I can’t say that I mind it. Hey Rob, feel like coming to Torts with me? We have to get there early if you want a good seat though… I have learned that moving to England and bringing back an English husband constitutes “living the dream,” but I kind of already figured.

I have learned that vodka and cranberry is dangerous. Who knew such tiny berries could hide so much vodka taste?

I have learned that the smart people treat it like a job. In at 8, out at 6. Get it done and go home.

When does the freaking out about finals start? Yesterday. Last week. Right now. I have learned that counseling is free!

In most ways, law school is exactly what I expected it to be. Maybe better. I am perfectly suited for the school I am at. I didn’t think it would be possible for me to love a school more than I loved Whitworth, but I think I am slowly being proven wrong.

And the view isn’t even on the top of the list for reasons why:

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