March 2011

It has been a long long time. Sorry about that. Law school has taken the wind out of my creative sails. Writing for pleasure hasn’t been on my mind lately. Also, what to write about. Do you really want to hear about Miranda rights? That’s right, you don’t.

Half way through semester two and I am still chuggin’ along. Today Rob and I went to a play with some friends. Avenue Q was funny and really great, and not as raunchy as I expected.

But, what I thought about today was the dress I was wearing. I put on the dress Rob and I had our legal ceremony in. It is just a simple day dress, but it always makes me think of that day. The day we got married wasn’t really what you would call a *happy* day, I would call it a bizarre day. Neither of us felt really ready to be married, but it was either marry or breakup. And we really didn’t want to breakup.

That was three years ago this month. And though we both didn’t feel quite ready then, I wouldn’t trade him in for anything today. My memories of life as a Miss are getting fuzzy – Mrs. Ford comes so naturally to me now (or Ms. Ford more regularly). Miss Tracy is fading quietly into the background. We have been “we” for a while now. The fact that I might get to spend another 50 to 60 years with him blows my mind.

Sure we fight and get irritated with each other. He hates that I am constantly losing . . . everything. Speaking of which, where are my keys?? I hate that he sleeps with the covers tucked under his feet. That isn’t normal. I am a spender; he is a saver. And with him earning the money, that can cause some friction. I would be better at saving if we were saving for something. A trip? To Tahiti?! Saving for the “future” isn’t concrete enough for me. And it sounds so . . . blah.

But generally, we are grossly in love. Even though I spend night after night with my law books, he is patient. Rob was blessed with an amazing capacity for patience; I don’t think I could marry someone who wasn’t.

Photo by S.A.

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