For the past few months or so I was trying out blogging elsewhere to see if it worked for me. It didn’t. End of story.

So, what has happened since then? Well let’s see. I finished my first year of law school. I am now officially a 2L. I started my fabulous summer internship. I had a vertical sleeve gastrectomy (we’ll go into more detail about that soon), my sister and her family came to visit from the Midwest, I had a reunion with college friends in Orcas Island, and I had a baby.

Okay, not really about the baby.

I am one month into my internship and I am loving it. I am three weeks out from my surgery and am 25 pounds down.  The posts will be pretty heavy now that I am back on familiar ground, it is nice to be writing again.

And now, for your viewing pleasure, my nephew:


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