7 months

In a few short days it will be seven months since my surgery.  I have been rocking around at 70 pounds lost for about a month, I knew I would plateau here for awhile, so I am letting myself not fret about it until I get into the swing of the new year.  I have probably 20 – 30 pounds more to go, which feels weird as I sit here, able to see my wrist bones for the first time in my life.  I can’t imagine myself any thinner, I currently weigh less than I have since… middle school.

Well, without further ado, here is 7 months ago:


Ugh. Looking at that picture totally grosses me out.. Where had my chin gone?

Now, these pictures have been taken around the past week or so.. I haven’t changed weight since early December.

So how has this changed my life so far? Well, I have discovered I don’t really like the way my hip bones look. I have never seen them before.  They are so pointy! And don’t poke them. It hurts.

I eat so much less than I used to but it is still easy for me to fall back into bad habits.  Over Christmas I have eaten Christmas cookies and chocolates, I can still eat badly, just not in large quantities.  Grazing is cryptonite to people who have had WLS.  It is easy for me to eat several cookies over the span of a few hours.  The inability to binge eat does not solve all problems.

I have more energy which is amazing.  I still only have one cup of coffee a day. MAYBE two if I haven’t slept much or need to study into the night, but it makes me pretty jittery.

I had my first trip to the tailor this week.  I can’t afford to keep buying blazers.   I have gone from a size 18 to a size 8 on top which for me is jaw dropping.  I have never EVER been in single digit sizes.  I am still around a 10/12 on the bottom, but I knew that would be the case.  I have always been pear shaped.  I am sitting here in size 12 jeans that keep falling off.

So what have I learned?  Many many things that you can read all over different weight loss blogs.  Protein and water have to come first.  I was pretty religious about counting my grams of protein in the beginning, I don’t count as much now.  I focus more on getting three main meals that are heavy on the protein with maybe a protein snack in the mix.

It is getting easier for me to tell when I am full but not OVER full, but it is still a struggle to eat just enough to be satisfied.  I still need to improve significantly on hydration and vitamin intake.  I also need to be better about exercise.  I was doing well over the summer, but during the school year it gets harder for me to make time for it.  It will always be a struggle for me to be as active as I should be and WLS isn’t going to solve that.  But I am so pleased with how far I have come.

Though there are many people that feel WLS is the easy way out, I still have to wake up every day and choose to eat the right way.  WLS has just made it a little bit easier for me to stick to those good choices.

So, as of now? No regrets.

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